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Wanting something won’t make it happen.

We have talked to a lot of people over the years. Every single one of them had something they wanted to achieve. Lose weight, lose fat, look jacked, move better, have less pain, perform better in a task and a lot more. Every single one

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Don’t count your troubles.

Dostoevsky said, “Man only likes to count his troubles; he doesn’t calculate his happiness.” That’s right, a motivational mindset speech from Mr. crime and punishment himself. To sum up the quote, it says, count your blessings, don’t worry and be happy, look for the good

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Who We Are

Do you really want to work with us? Some people just won’t be a good fit for working together with us. It’s not good or bad. Just not the right thing for either person. Here is what we do and why. If it sounds interesting

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4 Pillars

We believe for term long-term health, you need to have these 4 pillars established at a base level, that never fall.  In good times, you will do more but in hard times, this is your baseline. Your hard floor. Something you still have control over.

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Don’t Trip On The Past

Having the ability to learn from others’ mistakes, either that you see them make or read about, will make life a lot easier and less hurtful for you.  We also all know the saying “trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different

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